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This cave painting appears to be the first depiction of six immortal men whose immortality stemmed from this incident.The central figure has been known as a savage, a bloodthirsty conqueror, and a killer of his brother men. The other five men are the focus here, the two curious bystanders more so than the fleeing three men. You may be able to identify these men when I say that the three men from the other tribe were all rather short. One had a shaven head due to a ritual whose origins are lost in time, another was balding but with large tufts of hair on either side of his head, the last had a haircut that would one day be called the bowl haircut, also probably some ritualized style. Of course this information comes from other sources and cannot be seen from the cave painting. The two particular cavemen who are the subject of this group were ne'er-do-well's, probably low on the pecking order of their tribes and fairly inept at tool making or hunting. If it had not been for the falling meteorite that imbued them with immortality, they probably would have lived short violent lives. As Immortals they carried out this pattern of their lives. The pair was represented by numerous actors retelling their stories and jokes: Mutt and Jeff, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello. But the originals were actually Ollu and Buzsla.
Dennis Power-ImmortalBefuddled at the Wold-Newton site

Unbeknownst to the active participants in the foreground, there were also four persons in the area nearby otherwise occupied. There was the tribe's chief Shaman, The Wizard of Ugghh (W. C. Fields), the number 2 Shaman at this time tied up on the ground and being readied for sacrifice, Old Tumnus (Buster Keaton) and the latter Shaman's daughter and granddaughter, Cedar and Willow. Quite by accident these people were also passively granted Immortality. The two women were known to wander into and out of Ollu and Buzsla's lives throughout the ages and they were represented in later times by such actresses as Thelma Todd, Hillary Brooke, Christine MacIntyre, Leslie Easterbrook and Bobbi Shaw for the large and imposing woman Cedar; and ZaSu Pitts, Betty Grable, Jean Harlow, Vera-Ellen, Dorothy Provine and Teri Copley as the slighter and slightly forlorn woman Willow. On the Flintstones, Willow was represented as Wilma, and the women were joined by another Immortal (actually the daughter of Hercules, it was said), the darker-haired Beech, Betty Rubble on the Flintstones, most notably shown on films as Clara Bow and in cartoons as Betty Boop. The Wizard of Ugghh was created by Joe Kubert for Tor comics. The characters of Old Tumnus (Tunka), Cedar, Willow and Beech are all the sole property of Dale A. Drinnon

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Willow Stories As Listed on IMDB Part 5

As Teri Copley:
Actress (24 titles)
[For Teri Copley, Jake has sent me a large series of screen captures from I married a Centerfold. I have a selection of these at the end of this posting but I can only manage to add so many. They tend to want to get in each other's way.  Best Wishes, Dale D.]

1996 R.I.O.T.: The Movie (video)
Jewel Richards
1992 Frozen Assets
1992 Blossom (TV series)
Glenda Dudley
Driver's Education (1992) … Glenda Dudley
1991 The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (TV movie)
Daisy McKee
1991 Hunter (TV series)
Ex Marks the Spot (1991) … Traci
1991 Murder, She Wrote (TV series)
Brenda McCoy
Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy? (1991) … Brenda McCoy
1990 Masters of Menace
1990 Sporting Chance (TV movie)
Agnes Ockleman
1990 Down the Drain
Kathy Miller
1989 Transylvania Twist
Marissa Orlock
1989 Monsters (TV series)
Vanessa Solo
Rain Dance (1989) … Vanessa Solo
1989 Quantum Leap (TV series)
1983-1988 We Got It Made (TV series)
Mickey McKenzie
  1. Pilot (8 September 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  2. Mickey Sleepwalks (15 September 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  3. The Boyfriend (22 September 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  4. Mickey Goes Topless (29 September 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  5. David's Birthday (13 October 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  6. Mickey the Shoplifter (20 October 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  7. Mickey's Mom (27 October 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  8. Mickey Gets Married: Part 1 (3 November 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  9. Mickey Gets Married: Part 2 (10 November 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  10. The Super (17 November 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  11. Am I Blue? (24 November 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  12. Mickey's T-Shirt (1 December 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  13. Sexiest Bachelor (8 December 1983) - Mickey McKenzie  
  14. Mickey's Misconception (7 January 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  15. Mickey's Poster (14 January 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  16. The Other Tucker (21 January 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  17. The Break-Up: Part 1 (4 February 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  18. The Break-Up: Part 2 (11 February 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  19. Miss Mom (18 February 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  20. The Fight (25 February 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  21. A Paige in David's Life (3 March 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  22. Mickey Makes the Grade (10 March 1984) - Mickey McKenzie  
  23. The Three Faces of Mickey (19 September 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  24. And David Makes Three (26 September 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  25. Mickey Meets Mr. Right? (3 October 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  26. Temporary Mickey (10 October 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  27. Hello, Dolly (17 October 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  28. Video Mickey (24 October 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  29. Prisoner of Love (31 October 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  30. On the Ropes (7 November 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  31. The Naked Truth (14 November 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  32. Instant Family (21 November 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  33. Crime Busters (28 November 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  34. Man Around the House (5 December 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  35. Upstairs, Downstairs (12 December 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  36. A Dog's Life (26 December 1987) - Mickey McKenzie  
  37. Save the Last Dance for Me (9 January 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  38. Mickey Times Two (16 January 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  39. Fatal Distraction (23 January 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  40. Jay's on the Roof (30 January 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  41. Centerfold Mickey (6 February 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  42. Confidence Man (13 February 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  43. Not for Love or Money (20 February 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  44. La vie en Jay: Part 1 (27 February 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  45. La vie en Jay: Part 2 (5 March 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
  46. Four Loves Have I (12 March 1988) - Mickey McKenzie  
1984-1986 The Love Boat (TV series)
Tracy Hayes / Donna Louise Bedford
Hello Emily/The Tour Guide/The Winner Number (1986) … Donna Louise Bedford
1985 I Had Three Wives (TV series)
Samantha Collins Beaudine
Runaround Sue (1985) … Samantha Collins Beaudine
Butterfly Murder (1985) … Samantha Collins Beaudine
Bedtime Stories (1985) … Samantha Collins Beaudine
'Til Death Do Us Part (1985) … Samantha Collins Beaudine
You and I Know (1985) … Samantha Collins Beaudine
1985 Gus Brown and Midnight Brewster (TV movie)
1984 I Married a Centerfold (TV movie)
Debra Bryan
1984 Glitter (TV series)
Pilot (1984)
1981 Fly Away Home (TV movie)
1981 The Star Maker (TV movie)
Angel Parker
1981 Fantasy Island (TV series)
The Man from Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman (1981) … Joanne
1980 New Year's Evil
Teenage Girl  

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  1. Yes, Teri Copley is supposed to be a model for the same character as ZaSu Pitts: I also use SOME photos of Brigitte Bardot to represent the same character. They tend more to the Betty Grable end of the spectrum. However, Teri C and ZaSou both have the same rather melancholy, rather hooded eyes, poined nose and pouty mouth. Von Stroheim actually wanted to use ZaSu because he said the expression in her eyes was so beautiful. And although some of Teri's photos are very flattering to her figure, it is also true that in several of the photos she really hasn't got a very full type of a figure. She does benefit a good deal from a judicious use of makeup and the right clothing.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.